Making a Referral

We accept referrals from a wide range of professionals, not only GPs, as well as parents and individuals who recognise that counselling may be needed.

In order to access our services, prospective clients must meet our eligibility criteria and be open to receiving support from us. If you are a GP, midwife, other healthcare professional, social care worker, teacher, youth group leader, or other professional in an appropriate position to make a referral to us, please first review our eligibility criteria below.

Our service criteria

We will see adults who meet the following criteria:

18+ and are registered with a Walsall GP

Mild to moderate mental health/psychological needs

Low/intermediate risk

Short term/brief interventions required

Psychologically minded and able to commit to attending sessions

We will not see adults who:

Are awaiting or attending psychology/psychiatry services (i.e. Dorothy Pattison)

Have psychosis or previous psychotic episode(s)

Enhanced CPA (Care Programme Approach)

Self-referral from psychiatric inpatient units

Are in a domestic violence situation

We will see children and young people who meet the following criteria:

Age 8 to 17 years (inclusive) and are registered with a Walsall GP

Mild to moderate mental health/psychological needs

Low/intermediate risk

Short term/brief interventions required

Psychologically minded

Mild Autism and ADHD

We will not see children and young people who:

Are awaiting psychology services (CAMHS)

Already attending CAMHS

Have psychosis or previous psychotic episodes(s)

Are considered high risk

Have serious behavioural problems

Services we offer

WPH Counselling offer a range of short-term, time-limited interventions through free, person-centred, one-to-one counselling services with a professionally trained counsellor. Our services can be provided either face to face, over the telephone, or through online video counselling. We offer dedicated services for adults, children and young people and crisis pregnancy support.

Person-centred counselling

In person-centred counselling, the underlying theoretical approach is centred on the individual and counsellors draw on additional models and resources to best support that person. Counsellors are likely to integrate approaches from cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), solution-focused therapy, attachment theory, transactional analysis and play therapy. Counsellors working with children and young people are particularly likely to use creative and play resources, with some examples including sand play, Jenga, CBT games, and Russian dolls.

We provide one-to-one counselling services and we do not currently offer couples counselling, family therapy or group therapy. We also do not offer a crisis service or an immediate-support telephone helpline.

Time-limited support

Because our counselling service is time-limited, there is an emphasis on identifying, prioritising and working on goals in the time available. Whilst counselling with us is short-term, it can sometimes last for several months, depending on the frequency of sessions. As WPH offer time-limited, short-term support only, our service is not appropriate for those needing long-term or ongoing support.

Presenting issues

Our counsellors can support individuals that are experiencing mild to moderate symptoms of mental ill-health. Some of the presenting issues we typically support include (but are not limited to) anxiety, depression, stress, work and health-based issues, low self-esteem and family difficulties. As a result, we are not able to provide support to individuals with severe mental health needs or those who experience psychosis or have previously experienced psychotic episodes. In addition, we are unable to work with clients who are currently under the care of, or being supported by, higher level mental health provisions, such as the Dorothy Pattison Hospital. As WPH offer general counselling, our service is not appropriate for those needing in-depth support, or those needing more intensive, long-term therapy.

If you are unsure whether a client you would wish to refer to us would be able to access our service due to their current mental health status, please contact us before making a referral.

Clients with additional requirements

We are able to cater for those who need the use of a ground floor room due to accessibility requirements. We can also provide support within counselling sessions, using qualified interpreters, for individuals whose first language is not English, or for those who communicate using other methods, such as British Sign Language (BSL). To learn more about the support we can offer to those with additional needs, please contact us.

Working with other services

At the point of referral, clients are signposted to specialist services if we consider they will be more appropriate for their needs and wants. As WPH is here to support those with mild to moderate symptoms, we do not offer crisis support or an immediate-support telephone helpline. When the referral is made, clients are told how long they are likely to wait for an appointment and are given details of other services that they can access whilst they are waiting.

In some circumstances, we may need to request input from other organisations and professionals to determine if a client is eligible and suitable to access our services. This may include requesting written confirmation of a client’s medical history, or an overview of the support they have received previously, before we can add them to our waiting list.

Issues we help with

We are highly experienced in providing general counselling services for issues such as:

  • Depression and anxiety, including self-harm
  • Emotional support
  • Relationship and family issues, including abuse
  • Bereavement
  • Other general issues that individuals may be experiencing

Make a referral

If you are a professional and think that you have identified an individual who meets our eligibility criteria and would benefit from our service, you can refer them to us using any of the following methods.

Call us on 01922 649000

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