Counselling for Adults

If you feel that you would benefit from talking about how you are feeling, then WPH may be able to help. We provide a range of free, caring and confidential counselling services for adults (aged 18+). Our counselling offers a safe and non-judgemental environment where you can talk about your feelings and any personal challenges you may be facing with a caring and professional counsellor.

Our counselling sessions

Counselling can provide you with the space to share your concerns and help you take time to consider your emotions. Our professional counsellors may help you to identify strategies to manage your feelings and improve your wellbeing and mental health. We always utilise a person-centred approach, whereby the people we support are considered individually and we adapt our methods to each person’s needs, preferences and unique situation. Our counsellors may use a range of different counselling practices to best support the client they are working with.

We typically offer approximately 6 sessions of one-to-one counselling, as a course of therapy, per person. These sessions can be delivered face to face from our registered office in Walsall, as well as other external locations, or we can deliver sessions via telephone or online video call, depending on your preference and availability.

How we can support you

We always endeavour to make our services accessible. We can cater for individuals with accessibility requirements and can also provide qualified interpreters for individuals whose first language is not English, or for those who communicate using other methods, such as British Sign Language (BSL). To find out more about the support we can offer to those with additional needs, please contact us.

We provide support for various areas of need including:

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Emotional support
  • Relationship and family issues
  • Bereavement
  • Other general issues that individuals may be experiencing

WPH Counselling also offer a specialist Crisis Pregnancy Service.

Our service criteria

We will see adults who meet the following criteria:

18+ and are registered with a Walsall GP

Mild to moderate mental health/psychological needs

Low/intermediate risk

Short term/brief interventions required

Psychologically minded and able to commit to attending sessions

We will not see adults who:

Are awaiting or attending psychology/psychiatry services (i.e. Dorothy Pattison)

Have psychosis or previous psychotic episode(s)

Enhanced CPA (Care Programme Approach)

Self-referral from psychiatric inpatient units

Are in a domestic violence situation

How we conduct ourselves

WPH Counselling is a confidential service and all information that is shared with WPH Counselling and its counsellors within sessions will remain private. Such information will not be shared with any other persons or organisations, unless this is requested by you, the client.

However, there may be occasions where we have to break confidentiality, if we feel that you or another person is at risk of danger or harm. In these instances, we will discuss this with you where possible. These decisions will be taken in line with our confidentiality and safeguarding policies, and we will always consider your needs. For more information on our Confidentiality and Safeguarding Policies, please contact us.

As a client of WPH Counselling, you can always expect to receive a high-quality service, and to be treated with respect and dignity by our friendly team. In return, we expect that our clients treat our staff with kindness and respect, and we will not tolerate any abuse towards our staff from clients. We also ask that clients commit to attending their booked appointments, to ensure the service has the greatest impact.

Please note that it is also our policy not to engage with any clients who we believe to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and if our counsellors suspect this within a session, it may be stopped.


How to access support

If you would like to access our counselling services, you can contact us using the following methods.

If you don’t feel ready to receive counselling support from WPH or require a type of support that we aren’t able to provide, please take a look at other useful services that might be able to support you.

Call us on 01922 649000

Other Services

Under 18?

Learn more about our counselling services for young people.

Crisis Pregnancy Counselling

Find out about counselling for individuals experiencing unplanned pregnancy.


Have any other questions? Our FAQs page might be able to help.

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