How We Are Funded

As an organisation that offers free services to the local community, we are funded by a variety of sources, including commissioned contracts, project funding grants and private commissioning of our services. We are also fortunate and grateful to occasionally receive support from the community, through donations and fundraising. We are always happy to discuss any new fundraising initiatives with individuals who want to support us.

Grant funding

We have been fortunate to have been supported by several grant funders including Children in Need, the National Lottery (Lotto) and Health Inequalities Funding. Here at WPH, we always carefully consider the needs of both our organisation and our clients when applying for grant funding, to ensure that we facilitate projects that have the greatest possible impact on the people that they will support.

Organisations we work with

Over the years, we have worked hard to maintain and deliver our NHS contracts. Currently, we are working closely with the Black Country Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust to deliver counselling interventions to adults and children and young people across the borough. We have also worked with other government organisations in a position to commission services in the past, such as Walsall Council. We are always mindful of the changing needs of the community when we consider tendering opportunities. In addition to our larger contracts, we have also successfully obtained project funding from several smaller organisations to take on short-term pieces of work, enabling us to deliver more services to the community than ever before.

As our organisation has grown in both size and reputation, we have also been commissioned to deliver private services for partners within the Walsall area. This has included working closely with several schools to deliver counselling services directly to students and working with larger organisations to deliver clinical supervision support for their employees and workforce.

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