Safe & Confidential Counselling for All

Charitable, local, and
non-judgemental organisation

WPH Counselling and Education Services (WPH) is a charitable, local, and non-judgemental organisation, providing mental health support for the residents and community of Walsall.

WPH offers free, caring, and confidential counselling to individuals. Our services are totally unbiased and treat all clients with dignity and respect. We offer counselling for adults (18+) and children and young people (from 8-17), and our services are there to meet the needs of all, irrespective of gender, sexual orientation, religion, background, ability, or ethnicity. To check our eligibility requirements, click here.

What We Offer

Safe Space

We offer a non-judgemental, safe space where you can talk about your feelings with a caring and compassionate counsellor who will utilise a person-centred approach, adapting their methods to meet your needs.

Highly Qualified

WPH is a British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) Accredited service, and our employed counsellors are all highly qualified professionals, who work within the BACP Ethical Framework.

Trusted Partnership

Our charitable organisation is well established and well respected within the community. We continue to strive to promote good mental health and well-being for as many residents of the community as possible.


Our Services

Counselling for Adults (18+)

Read more information on the counselling support we provide to adults.

Counselling for Children & Young People

Explore how our counselling services for children and young people could help you or a child or young person that you know.

Crisis Pregnancy Counselling

Find out about counselling for individuals experiencing unplanned pregnancy.

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